Here it is, a week late and with wonky sound.gorgeous cover

Still, it’s a great listen.

What you’ll hear about in Episode 01:

New comics, how mainstream is winning, ‘Nam, and how Prince Valiant is the father of Red Sonya.

Also, how not to mike a third person.

So, here you go.

Trade Waiting Episode 01


Have You Had Enough – Rickie Lee Jones

Hip-Hop Violin – Paul Dateh


Hey everyone,

Welcome to the offical podcast of Legends Comics in Victoria, BC. What you are going to hear every week (or other week) is the slant on the comic biz from Gareth, Lloyd and podcast producer Sterling (me).

Maybe this site will just be about the podcast… or maybe it will be about everything!

So why Trade Waiting? Well, if you’re in Legends, you’ll see comics with staples on one side, and trade paper backs, or trades, on the other side.

A lot of peopleĀ  wait for the compiled version of the comic, hence trade waiting.

This can put you in an odd spot if you are always in a shop, looking at the most recent installment, and willing yourself not to buy.

We honour the strength it takes to wait.

So, here is the pilot episode. It’s funny, a little informative and fairly well done. The one thing I’m not happy about is that the non-professional media person, Gareth, sounds better than me, the professional.

Trade Waiting, Episode 00